Blouse styles for lehangas

While you take a sigh of relief on getting the perfect lehenga, don’t forget that the work is half done. You also have to choose the most flattering blouse for your body shape! . Take some inspiration from these blouse styles for every body type. 

Scoop neck

This is a universally flattering blouse design. The scoop neck brings the focus to the collarbones, and the best way to wear it is with long sleeves to  slim the upper arms creating an illusion of thinner frame.

Sweetheart neckline


This classic neckline defines the shape of your body. It works well for the women with smaller frame of upper body. There are options of pairing it with transparent fabric as well if you don’t like to show skin too much.

Longer version


 If you are a pear shape, or are looking for a modest blouse style, this is it! The blouse style creates a long line for the eye, smoothing any bumps in the way, making you appear taller and leaner. 

The full retro


This was an extremely popular style during the 90s. Yes, we’re talking about three-quarter sleeves and a high neck. A monochrome, dark-coloured blouse is instantly slimming.

Crop up and show off


For the people who have worked hard to tone themselves up, this is the perfect time and the right style to show off. Pair your heavy lehenga with a plain or with slightly less embroidered blouse. You may also go with the off shoulders to accentuate your arms.

You never need a reason to wear a lehenga and get into a desi avatar. Be it your sister’s wedding or the sangeet ceremony, don that perfect lehenga and flatter your body by pairing it with the perfect fit blouse tailored exclusively for your body type. In the quest for what goes right and what not, you have fashion consultation from Get Stitched which not only gives you free advice from the fashion designers but a personalized tailoring experience to get that perfect fit.

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You get the lehenga for your wedding and take a sigh of relief