Combining like a Boss

We often get to hear that men do not have many options when it comes to styling and choosing the outfits. All they have are shirts and trousers. But what if we tell you there are infinite good things we can do with those pair of shirts. Yes. A simple combination of shirts and ties can make a huge difference and trust us this will help you sort your life. Give your office wear a new look every day with the brilliant combinations we are now going to tell you.

The Basic- Color Wheel

When you’re pairing any colours, it’s important to know which ones go together. We’ve all seen it when someone is wearing something colourful and it all simply clashes. When you’re looking at the colour wheel, you need to understand what colour shirt you’re going to be wearing, as this is your base layer. Your tie needs to work off of your shirt, whether it’s a variation of the same colour or a colour that’s completely opposite. So when you don’t understand the basics, stick to the colour wheel logic.

The great thing about colour is that there are many shades of each colour, so you can easily team a coloured shirt with a tie of the same colour family, but a varied shade of that colour. For instance, if you’re wearing a dark blue shirt, you can easily team it with a lighter blue tie to compliment the shirt, perfect to be teamed with a grey suit. It is essential to choose the shade version that we leave up to you.


White –

This is something that all the men have in their wardrobe. Nothing beats the classic white button-down shirt. Its classic colour and style make it one of the most versatile and easy to wear pieces in your wardrobe. So, teaming a tie with your white shirt is an easier process than if you were teaming a tie with a coloured shirt.

Wearing a white shirt offers this great, neutral base layer for you to work around. You can easily team a multitude of colours in varying shades with white. You can keep it basic with a simple black and grey tie, or, you can be a little bit more adventurous with brighter colours, such as blue or yellow.

Blue –

Blue is another great colour to wear as a shirt. The great thing about blue is that it ranges from a dark navy, almost black, to an almost white colour. The choice is really up to yourself what shade of blue you opt for, but make sure the shades don’t clash with each other.

A striped tie in purple and red is a fantastic pattern and colour scheme to work with, as purple is near blue in the colour wheel. With slight undertones of blue works perfectly when teamed up with the blue shirt.

Grey Shirt

Even though grey is a great neutral colour to wear, you’re limited to the colour combinations you can team with it. Go for a more tonal look. If you’re wearing a lighter coloured grey shirt, then go for a darker grey, almost black, tie. Other colours that work the best with grey are dull shades of red and black.


When you’re wearing a black shirt, it’s best to stick with neutral tones when you’re looking at ties. Go for a varying shade of grey or maybe even a black tie to team with your shirt. These keep the look tonal and neutral without going too overboard.

If you do want to add a little bit of colour, then go for a darker red and blues. Red and black work well together as they are great contrasting colours to work with. If you’re wearing a black shirt and trousers, then adding in a red tie keeps the look bright whilst giving you detail and depth to your outfit.

Getting the shirt and tie combination isn’t as difficult as you’d first think. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily pinpoint your style and colours that match perfectly with your shirt. And for other fashion styling tips, you have to Get Stitched at your rescue. Book an appointment with us and know more about the best ways you can work on your styles and get customised tailoring services. We also provide the finest designers at your doorstep for design consultations and measurements.