Style hacks to make you look taller

We have always considered the celebrities taller when they appear in stunning outfits at award nights and movie premieres. Trust us, it is the styling that adds up to their personality while getting dressed up.

We all embrace our bodies and no matter how we look, we still want to look taller at some point in our lives. While being tall is something we don’t have a control on, looking tall is achievable. It’s not about the hairstyle or the painful shoes you need to get into but just the right choice in terms of picking up your outfits. Want to know how? Check out the celeb-approved styles given below:



The black and white combination in your outfit makes you appear taller and leaner. Too many different colors break the body, making it appear shorter. Styling the outfit in monochrome keeps things streamlined.


V-neck tops help elongate the neck and therefore add to the illusion of a lengthened body. The best way is to style a V-neck top tucked into a high pair of high waisted pants for a sleek and stylish look.

Front Slits in Upper Garment

Go for the front slits that extend till the waist and leave behind the traditional kurtas with side slits. Pair these kurtas with a solid bottom. This will create lines that make your legs appear longer.


Layering on ethnic outfits is one of the most used hacks to create the illusion of taller appearance. Pairing long kurtas with palazzos or skirts gives a fuller look, giving your outfit an elongating effect.

Fitted Clothes

The fit of clothes is essential when it comes to making you appear taller. Close fit clothes help you create the illusion of height as it emphasizes your lines. The ill/loose fitted clothes just swamp you and make you appear shorter than you are.

Dark colors from top to bottom

The body gets divided into parts when you wear different color tops and bottoms. This shortens your appearance as it highlights your upper and lower part separately. Wearing the same color from tip to toe creates a vertical frame and adds to your height.

So add those extra inches of height with these easy styling hacks. From the prints to the cuts to even the necklines, get your outfits designed from Get Stitched to fake a tall and slender look. Let these amazing style hacks work wonders.