Top 5 Fashion Trends For Men This Season

Summer is at its peak and the scorching heat has been really ungrateful to all of us. But thankfully, there is always one thing to be grateful about: Fashion. So just beat the summer heat with these amazing summer trends for men from around the globe.

1 Cuban Collared Shirts

Believe it or not, but the old-school gangster look is making a comeback this summer. The classy charm of the 1950’s is taking over the fashion street in 2017. This look will have you standing out from the crowd in a subtle and chic way this summer.

2 Pastels

If you thought that pastel colours were just a neo-romantic trend for women, then start thinking again. Pastels have made an entry in the men’s world as well. It is casual, chic and comforting; and we absolutely love it.

3 Wide legged trousers

The wide legged trousers are absolute love this season. It has a very relaxed fit but still manages to look smart instead of sloppy. The best part about these pants is that they can be paired with both casual and formal shirts. If you are looking for something comfortable yet classy, these are a must-have for you.

4 Pyjama-inspired look

Who wouldn’t love the comfort of being in pyjama’s all day long? Thanks to this new trend, now you can. The pyjama inspired outfits are a fabulous way to stay comfortable and stylish. If you are one of the lazy kinds, this trend is just right for you.

5 Powder blue shirts

Powder blue shirts are doing the rounds this season. This subtle tone of blue gives a very calming effect in the rude summer season. They are idle to be paired with chinos or with ripped denim.

Look dapper this season by following the latest summer trends. Get to know which summer trend will suit you best and get the right fit for it when you book an appointment with Get Stitched. Get a fashion consultant right at your doorstep and get to keep up with the latest styles.